Official SC Documents

The following files contain the Terms of Reference (scopes) of Study Committee C5's Working Groups and Task Forces, both active and inactive:

Terms of Reference

Pending WG - Price Formation (docx, 33kB)

WG C5-27 Market Design for Short-term Flexibility (doc, 72kB)

WG C5-26 Auction Markets for DR Services (doc, 66kB)

WG C5-25 Regulation & Market design perspectives raised by new storage technologies (pdf, 181kB)

WG C5-24 Exploring the Market-based value of Smart Grid developments (pdf, 144kB)

WG C5-23 Wholesale Market Price Caps (pdf, 35kB)

WG C5-22 Management of Systemic Market Risk in Electricity Markets (pdf, 238kB)

WG C5-21 Impacts of Environmental Regulations on Power Markets (doc, 57kB)

WG C5-20 Drivers for Major Changes in Electricity Markets (doc, 55kB)

WG C5-19 Regulatory aspects of Demand Response and Demand Side Management for integration within Electricity Markets (docx, 35kB)

WG C5-18 Market price signals and regulated frameworks for regional coordination of grid investments (doc, 53kB)

WG C5-17 Capacity markets: Needs, Solutions and State of affairs (doc, 52kB)

WG C5-16 Costs of Electric Service, Cost Allocation Methods, and Residential Rate Trends (doc, 51kB)

WG C5-15 Risk Management in Evolving Regulatory Frameworks (doc, 50kB)

WG C5-14 Regulatory Incentives for Innovation in Electricity Networks (doc, 48kB)

WG C5-13 Interaction of Markets and Regulation Actions with Emerging Technologies (DOC, 49kB)

WG C5-12 Generator Market Power Mitigation Measures in Electricity Markets (doc, 68kB)

WG C5-11 Market design for large scale integration of Renewable Energy Sources and Demand side management (doc, 48kB)

WG C5-10 Regulatory Incentives for Capital Investments in Electricity Networks and Generation (doc, 40kB)

WG C5-9 Retail Market Designs – Enhancing Customer Competition (doc, 38kB)

WG C5-8 Renewables and Energy Efficiency in a Deregulated Market (doc, 40kB)

WG C5-7 Market Design – Structure and Design of Electricity Markets (doc, 65kB)

TF C5-7.1 Impacts on Infrastructure Investments resulting from Electricity Market Designs (doc, 49kB)

TF C5-7.2 Energy Market Interdependencies - Gas / Electricity Markets (doc, 50kB)

TF C5-7.4 Wholesale/Retail Electricity Markets Interdependencies (doc, 54kB)

WG C5-6 Security of Supply in Wide Market Environments (doc, 45kB)

JWG C2/C5-5 Development and Changes in the Business of System Operators (doc, 55kB)

WG C5-4 Transmission Access and Congestion Management (doc, 38kB)

WG C5-3 Investments and Financing (doc, 48kB)

WG C5-2 Market Design - Structure and Development of Electricity Markets (pdf, 94kB)

WG C5-1 Role of Regulators and Regulation in a Restructured Industry (pdf, 94kB)