Other Documents

2017 CIGRE Symposium, Dublin, Ireland (Experiencing the Future Power System ... Today)
         WG C5-16 - International Perspectives on Alignment between Electric Service Costs and Rate Structures

         WG C5-18 - Regulatory frameworks for innovating transmission investments fostering market integration and green generation

2007 CIGRE Regional Meeting, Tallin, Estonia (Security and Reliability of Electric Power Systems)
         JWG C2/C5-5 - Survey of Power Exchanges - Organization and Responsibilities

2005 CIGRE/IEEE PES International Symposium, San Antonio, Teaxas, USA (Congestion Management in a Market Environment)
         JWG C2/C5-5 - Congestion Management: The System Operators Challenge to Balance Transmission Transfer Capacity with Acceptable Security Level

2004 CIGRE SC C1 Symposium, Ljubljana, Slovenia (Development and Operation of Interconnections in a Restructuring Context)
         JWG C2/C5-5 - Cross Border Congestion Management - International Examples and Comparison