ELT_285_8 - Report on regulatory aspects of the Demand Response within Electricity Markets
WG C5.19  -  Year: 2016

ELT_285_4 - Capacity mechanisms: needs, solutions and state of affairs
WG C5.17  -  Year: 2016 


ELT_282_3 - Market Operators – Their Evolution, Current Organization and Future Structure
JWG C2/C5.05  -  Year: 2015

ELT_279_1 - Emerging Technologies
WG C5.13  -  Year: 2015 


ELT_274_6 - Generator Market Power Mitigation Measures in Electricity Markets Executive Summary
WG C5.12  -  Year: 2014

ELT_272_5 - Regulatory Incentives for Capital Investments in Electricity Systems
WG C5.10  -  Year: 2014 


ELT_270_8 - Market Design for Large Scale Integration of Intermittent Renewable Energy Sources
WG C5.11  -  Year: 2013

ELT_263_6 - Funding - Generation and Transmission Investments
WG C5.03  -  Year: 2012


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