WG Area

The following Working Groups will be meeting during the Paris 2018 General meeting.


Active Working Groups (as of April 10, 2018)

WG C5-20 Drivers for Major Changes in Electricity Markets     G. Thorpe (AU)

WG C5-22 Management of Systemic Market Risk in Electricity Markets     D. Bowker (AU)

WG C5-23 Wholesale Market Price Caps     C. Hendrzak (US)

WG C5-24 Exploring the Market-based value of Smart Grid developments     E. LaRose (US)

WG C5-25 Regulation & Market design perspectives raised by new storage technologies   D. Game (FR)

WG C5-26 Auction Markets for Demand Response Services     K. Bhattacharya (CA)

WG C5-27 Market Design for Short-Term Flexibility     G. Doorman (NO)

JWG C2/C5-5 Development and Changes in the Business of System Operators     O. Gjerde (NO)