WG C5-11 Market Design for Large Scale Integration of Renewable Energy Sources and Demand-side Management

Renewable energies (wind, solar…) are growing at the same time market environments are expanding. The success of renewable energy plans in all countries is directly linked to the development of the grid infrastructures. Those power sources are also generally intermittent, so it is important that the market design delivers the correct incentives to these sources and that market charges reflect the cost to the market of these sources. Another “environment friendly” way to achieve an efficient management of the grid is Demand Side Management. In this aspect some market tools are already being implemented.

Scope of WG :Market design for efficient management of renewable energies and DSM within large scale market environments : market tools / tariffs, regulation, economic incentives, impact on existing markets (day ahead, intraday, system and balancing services etc.), role of TSOs and other market players.