Cigre Events


2017 (Dublin)CIGRE SC B2, C1, C2, C4, C5, C6 International Symposium ( Experiencing the Future Power System Today)

2015 (Lund) - CIGRE SC B4,C1,C2,C4, C5 International Symposium (Across Borders - HVDC Systems and Market Integration)

2009 (Guilin) - CIGRE SC C1,C2,C5 International Symposium (Operation and Development of Power Systems in the New Context)

2005 (San Antonio) - 2nd IEEE PES / CIGRE International Symposium (Congestion Management in a Market Environment )

2004 (Ljubjana)- CIGRE C1 Symposium (Development and Operation of Interconnections in a Restructuring Context )

2003 (Montreal) - 1st IEEE PES / CIGRE International Symposium (Quality and Security of Electric Power Delivery Systems )



2016 (Philadelphia) - United States NC (Evolution of Power System Planning to support Connection of Generation, Distributed Resources and Alternate Technologies)

2013 (Cape Town) - South Africa NC Colloquium (Innovations and Good Practices to Support the Reliable Supply of Electricity)

2011 (Sydney) - Australian NC Colloquium (Drivers for Regulatory and Market Design)                                                            



2015 (Lund)  

  • Integration of the Nordic Power Markets: History, status and challenges
  • Practical arrangements for the exchange of electricity certificates across borders


2013 (Cape Town) 

  • Integration of Market design with Renewables
  • Potential Market/Regulatory Mechanisms to ensure Investment in 'Relaible' Resources


2009 (Guilin City)

  • Incentives to Investment in Wind Generation and System Capacity


2005 (San Antonio)- 2nd IEEE PES / CIGRE International Symposium

  • Fundamentals of International Congestion Management Practices


  • Also see related presentations below:

Keynote Presentation - Andre Merlin (pdf, 630kB)

Kenneth Laughlin - Role of Markets in Congestion Management (PPT, 92kB)

David Nevius - Role of NERC in Congestion Management (ppt, 2MB)

Dr. Lawerence Jones - Role of IT in Congestion Management (pdf, 127kB)


2004 (Ljubljana)

  • Cross Border Congestion Management - International Examples and Comparison