CIGRE General Meetings are held in Paris biennially on even-numbered years. During the week-long General meeting each Study Committee is expected to convene two sessions: a Technical Session and a Business Session.

The Technical Sessions consists of summary presentations of technical papers. These papers focus on Preferential Subjects defined by the respective Study Committee. The Technical Sessions are opened to the public. Registered meeting participants are encouraged to participate in the sessions either by formal prepared contributions submitted prior to the Session or by informal spontaneous contributions during the Session,

The Business Session is designed for organizing and coordinating Study Committee activities and for obtaining Status Reports from the Study Committee's Working Groups and Task Forces. 

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CIGRE Events
On odd-numbered years, CIGRE sponsors various activities: Symposia. Coloquia, Tutorials as well as annual Study Committee meetings held in conjunction with meetings of CIGRE's various National Committees.

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Other Events
In addition to CIGRE sponsored activities, Study Committees are encouraged to participate in other industry-sponsored events.

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SC C5 Events

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