Welcome to the SC C5

CIGRE's Study Committee C5's current areas of interest are:

    • Market Structures and Products (Market design; Physical/Financial markets and interaction; isolated and interconnected systems)
    • Market Approaches and Tools (Demand/Price forecasting; Financial risk management; Demand Management and active customer integration
    • Regulations (Regulatory objectives; Regulatory approaches; Transmission pricing; Ancillary Service pricing; Reliability and Economics) including:


If you are interested in Markets and Regulation and would like to actively participate in C5 activities, see the following list of current C5 Working Groups and if one (or more) interest you then contact the respective convenor for information.

    • WG C5.22 Management of Systemic Market Risk in Electricity Markets
    • (Convener: David Bowker - dgbowker@gmail.com)
    • WG C5.23 Wholesale Market Caps
    • (Convener: Chantal Hendrzak - chantal.hendrzak@pjm.com)
    • WG C5.24 Exploring the Market-based value of Smart Grid Developments
    • (Convener: Elizabeth (Beth) La Rose - Elizabeth.larose@ge.com)
    • WG C5.25 Regulation and Market design perspectives raised by new storage technologies
    • (Convener: David Game - david.game@rte-france.com)
    • WG C5.26 Auction Markets and Other Procurement Mechanisms for Demand Response Services
    • (Convener: Kankar Bhattacharya - kankar@uwaterloo.ca)
    • WG C5.27 Market Design for Short-Term Flexibility
    • (Convenor: Gerard Doorman - gerard.doorman@statnett.no)
    • WG C5.28 Energy Price Formation
    • (Convenor: Adam Keech - adam.keech@pjm.com
    • JWG C2/C5-5 Development and Changes in the Business of System Operators
    • (Convener: Ole Gjerde - ole.gjerde@statnett.no)