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Work completed in 2013

C5.10  Regulatory Incentives for Capital Investments in Electricity Markets  (Technical Brochure ref 565)

(Convener: Konstantin Petrov)

C5.11 Market Design for Large Scale Integration of Intermittent Renewable Energy Sources (Technical Brochure ref 557)

(Convener: Olivier Lavoine)

Work started in 2013

C5.14 Regulatory Incentives for Innovation in Electricity Networks

(Convener: Konstantin Petrov - konstantin.petrov@dnvkema.com)

C5.15 Risk Management in Evolving Regulatory Frameworks

(Convener: Adrian Ford - forda1@pjm.com)

C5.16 Costs of Electric Service, Cost Allocation Methods, and Residential Rate Trends

(Convener: Angela Chuang - achuang@epri.com)

C5.17 Capacity markets: needs, solutions and state of affairs

(Convener: Gerard Doorman - gerard.doorman@statnett.no)

C5.18 Market price signals and regulated frameworks for regional coordination of grid investments

(Convener: Alain Taccoen - alain.taccoen@rte-france.com)

C5.19 Regulatory aspects of Demand Response and Demand Side Management for integration within Electricity Markets

(Convener: Clotilde Levillain - clotilde.levillain@rte-france.com)